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File Storage
Dropbox and Backups



Cant find it?  Lost in a sea of files and folders? Forever indulging in the procrastinators favorite game.... hide and seek?

And do you know how, when and why you back up?  Cloud storage, Time Machine, iCloud vs Dropbox? One back up is as good as none they say

but which ones should I use and how do I use them.

And so how would it feel to nail both these down in hit.  Get it all out of the way and become a lean mean flow machine.

2 hours that will help simplify and change the way you use your computer.


Tuesday 14th September

4:30am - 6:30am AEST

Monday 13th September

7:30pm to 9:30pm BST

COST: $30 (AUD)

This course is now available to watch as a video online. Please email simon@simolcitmedia if you would like to purchase it.

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