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Does technology overwhelm you? Are you having trouble with your emails, organising your photos or is your computer running slow?

Simon Asquith specialises in supporting people with all aspects of computing and device management for both personal and professional use.


From setting up your small business network to how to update your iPhone or use Dropbox, Simon Asquith's tech support and training offers simple understandable pathways to ensure your technology is not slowing you down.


For the last 10 years Simon has been providing in-person and online tech support for private one on one clients, as well as tech workshops online for groups of up to 100 people. He is a go to I.T technician for both individuals and small businesses.

Simon specialises in providing simple and relatable support for the elderly and those who lack confidence or skills dealing with personal technology, hardware, software, online security and communicating with modern tech.


Whether you are a beginner or a ‘pro’ - a session with Simon Asquith is so much more than an IT session.

Issues that you may have had regarding not being ‘smart’ enough for the tech stuff completely disappear.


Humour and lots of laughter are one of the key ingredients in Simon’s sessions and are naturally accompanying his outstanding IT skills.  Simon - my deepest appreciation - I love our sessions and you are such an amazing reflection and inspiration.

Eva R (66 years)

A unique background in tech support

Simon Asquith was the guy who never thought he'd own a computer and avoided mobile phones for as long as he could (his parents actually made him buy one so they could contact him during his extensive travels overseas).

For this reason he is really great at connecting with people that are a bit tech-phobic or who use the phrase 'me and computers just don't get along.'

Stamp Mark_edited.png

I have never seen anyone teach people about computers like Simon, because he comes from a human understanding well before he brings in a tech perspective. Where many IT professionals can't bridge the divide between complex systems and real world people, Simon brings a depth of understanding to both. A 'computing counsellor', Simon supports people all over the world to surpass their blocks with technology, empowering them to more fully realise their online expression.

Rebecca Baldwin, Media professional

To date I have had 3 Tech Connect Sessions with Simon Asquith.. and simply they have been amazing.  


Simon brings such a depth of understanding, to all things computers and I enjoyed our sessions together.


Computers and all things technology are not my strong point and if I can avoid it I would. After having sessions with Simon I feel totally empowered to deal with the techno issues as they arise and know that I am skilled and able to deal with them. Although have to say great to know I have Simon and Simplicit Media as back up!



C Raphael, 54 years old, NSW. 


To connect with Simon for a 1 to 1 session or to discuss your tech requirements contact us via our online form phone 0428 508 658 or if you are ready to start, book a session online using the button below.

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